Children are told that they should think of themselves as individuals rather than what people say or preserve them to be. It is as if things do carry the same value or have the same meaning as it was initially taught. Students or children in particular are told that the only right way of living is going to school, attending college and never stop climbing the ladder of knowledge to success. Just the same athletes are trained to be strong, bring a ton of team spirit, be a team player and on game day selfishness is the key.

This superficial way of living has absorbed the real value of life especially for this generation. People are losing their souls and have reduced the value of life. We live our lives based on package, a package that comes with a manual and a   guide in which we should follow and in order classified as contributing or successful member of society. And so, students over the years create this self-package that they add to every day while in school and daily life in result of being shipped and accepted by receiver, in that I mean finding a job at the end of it all.


Quiz post


The picture of the convenience store reminds me of a store that is located on the strip near our school by chipotle…rings a bell? The picture of the home improvements and the bus stop reminds me of walking in the Bronx, Ny. There are other words in the bus stop post that could have been used to for example, Con/strut/tion= Con-, with  strut-,build.


The idea of placing your pictures in a “bubbly” fashion made it more enticing for readers to follow and read your post. One tip that I would say, is that, your pictures are great but next time you can talk about them a little more before giving the definition of the word you have chosen. For example, where you took the picture from?


Thank you for the in depth explanation on your photos. Although you were confined to use the campus area for your photos you told a short story for each picture which kept it interesting. Your utilization of the key board was amazing we never seem to pay attention to the obvious things that we use around us every day, now I can’t stop looking at my keyboard and thinking morphemes stuff…haha.   Some of the photos, however, had other words that you could have highlighted and give there morphemes.


I enjoyed reading your post and short stories were intriguing. You are one of the few people who dated and timed when you took your pictures. You also explained briefly the significance of your pictures which made it easier for readers to relate to the post. I also found some comedy in your post, P.S. abide by the rules of the parking lot next time haha.


Your posts attract me to read because of the story you told about the gym through your pictures, and, the gym is one of my favorite places to be…well, sometimes haha. I find it interesting that as much time as I spend in the gym a never actually took the time out to look at the morphemes that a plastered all over, well because of your post I now do! Many of the pictures contained so many morphemes that could have been broken down and highlighted. But, it was great reading the things I never actually read while in the gym.

Picture blog

Hey all!

For this blog post assignment I was away on duty at Fort Indiantown Gap (FIG) in Pennsylvania so I decided to capture pictures in the process to share with you. Under the circumstances, I was not allowed to take as many photos as I would like for two reasons, either I was not allowed to take the photo or the photos worth taking did not have words on them.


This is a picture of a propane tank used to fuel up a 50 cal weapon.On this tank I  found a couple relevant words. Support: (Sub=under, port= to carry) meaning to hold up bearing or carrying all of the weight.


This picture is another component to functioning of the 50 cal. It is a little unclear to see but the word cartridge is printed in yellow. Cartridge (Tri= three).


This restriction sign was an area in the training site that did not permit training in that area because of scientific research purposes. the words “Scientific, Restricted” stood out. Sci-, to know ent-, pertaining to, fic-, to do or make.

Re-, back Strict-, to pull or draw.

IMG_4856 IMG_4855

This weapon is the actual 50 cal it is being held by a three iron pipes at the bottom, it is quite heavy approximate weighing 150 pounds with all its counter parts. I found the words “Property” and “Fort” written on the visible yellow label. (Property= pro-for, Fort= fort-strong).


This is a picture of the box that held the 50 cal weapon and all its counter parts together. The word “property” and “fort”. (Pro=forward, for Fort=strong).


Here you will find a tag that labeled the wires to the 50 cal. The word “trigger” can be located written in black. (tri= three).


This is a mask issued for all soldiers to wear during the paint ball force on force event. The word “Tippmann” is written in white the base “man= hand, make” putting this together I believe the word “Tippmann” is the name of the manufacture who hand made this product.


This picture was taken inside of a black hawk. This particular bird was a 15 seat passenger, this seat is located in rear on the left side next to the window. The word “Equipment” is located in the visible sentence written in orange. (Equi= the latin base meaning equal)


This picture shows the left side of the bird. The words “United States Army” are written on the side. Despite being a great picture that was taken at a hasty speed the “Uni” in United means one as in, we are united together as one.


On the right side of the hawk the words “Access Cover Magnetometer” are written in black. I was told that this is the tool that the plan uses to measure its strength, distance and direction. (Access= Ac-, toward , Cess-to go, to move) (Magnetometer= Magn-, great, Meter-, measure)


Hydration is a always a concerning factor in our training environment. To lower the risk of dehydration we carry 5 gallon water jugs to each and every training sites. The “property” is located on the container.

(pro-, for)


And of course lets not forget about the luxurious gourmet meals in a bag. This is a called a Meal Ready Eat (MRE). Each meal contains about 4000 calories, packed with carbs and energy for sustenance through out the day. On a normal training day, without hot meals, one soldier eats approximately three MRE’s each day.The word that become relevant is “individual”. (Individual= in-,not di-,two vid-,see) Individual meaning not of two but single.


This is a poster I found outside of our campus on the south-side entrance. The word university is consisted of “uni-, one, vers-,to turn or change”. Which makes sense when you combine the etymological meanings together, you go to a university as an individual with  an open mind to change an accept other cultures and way of life, in the end you combine together as a whole.


While standing at the pedestrian cross road I snapped a picture of the crossing sign. There are a few words in this sign that are relevant to our class assignment. The words “finish” and “vechile”.

Fin-,to end,  Vech-, to carry

Blog Assignment.

Things that attract (to draw,to drag,to pull) In our world of BEAUTIFUL (pleasing the senses ) things and LOVELY (desirable) people. We YEARN (strong desire) for ATTENTION (to take from) and often times flaunt our fabulous-ness in the clothes we wear when we make an ENTRANCE (to captivate a way into a pale). Humans tend to DRAG (to pull) and DRAW (to pull) the ATTENTION (to take from) of others when we exert certain characteristics so we ENGAGE (to agree to catch) in activities and events that ENTICE (to allure) the ones we would CRAVE(desire intensely) ATTENTION (to take from) from It is always INTRIGUING(to absorb) to see the LUST (passionate craving) between the two parties. Women especially INDUCE the opposite sex with provocative clothing and not surprisingly men fall into this TRAP (device use to catch) and inseparable like magnet to steel.
This LUST become CAPTIVATING (to attract) for both people and it becomes a FASCINATING (to allure in an appealing way) INTEREST (holding the attention of) between men and woman. This type of ENTICEMENT (to allure) leads to LOVE (very strong attachment) and then a BRING TOGETHER (to gather and join) in MARRIAGE (joining of two people).
On the other hand there are other attractions that are APPEALING (attractive sense) to the eyes Like food, colors and bright shiny things. The eyes are the window to the soul they are the first to GRAVITATE (pulling force) to the good things that stimulate our senses. With food, if the eyes finds it PLEASING (a delight engagement) then it sets off our taste buds and we CATCH (to trap) the URGE (to force along) to CRAVE (to want eagerly) what we see.
When it comes to attraction whether it is romance, food or bright and shiny things this words have all played a contributing factor to the definition of ATTRACT.
“Bring Together”


Blog Assignment.

In our generation, technology has changed our language development explained by David Crystal. It had created new spellings, pattern, and dialog between people, for example take a look at the creation of sports commentary , chat rooms etc. Internet has made language more diverse, in that we have a large scale of internet writing styles and each opens and produces a new version of writing style this includes the World Wide Web, emails, chat rooms, virtual worlds, social networks and let us not forget about blogging.

Text/chat room typing is one of our internets misuses of language that has given a bad impact to English. Text is said to be responsible for the decline and fall of grammar in our generation. According to John McWorter text is not writing at all, speech has been around for approximately 80,000 years and writing in itself came about much longer. McWorter gave a simplified example for his audience that if speech existed for 24 hours then writing came about at 11:07.

Writing is a conscious process it allows you to return and edit your errors as oppose to speech and text which is fast and is irreversible when a mistake is made. Text is loose, when we text, majority of people tend to forget about using the right words, proper capitalization and the most commonly used one which is the use of proper spelling. For goodness sake we created our own “text lingo” words such as “lol” or “yo”. Text has changed the way humans communicate and interact with each other whether it is writing or speaking text has made its altercations in the English language.

Attached below is a worth checking out.

McWhorter, John. Txting is killing language.jk!!!!!,Ted2013. Retrieved from. http://www.ted.com/talks/john_mcwhorter_txtng_is_killing_language_jk

Blog to Blog

Hey guys….so I am sitting here tired and longing for some sleep. My day started at 4 am and is NOT even close to ending!!-_____-

I am on duty this weekend and it is entirely draining so I took a break to vent a little… shhhhh you can not tell anyone. All I can think of right now is being in a spa, relaxing and cooling with some red wine…look at this calming picture I just found online.


ladies I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Sunday while taking it easy!!

gotta go!

Blog Assignment

Ann-Marie Allen

Dr. Ethna Lay

Words and Meanings


  1. Predilection- A preference or special liking for something.


Pre= before, I= to go, lect= pick out, to choose , ion= action

  1. Acumen- The ability to make good judgments and quick decisions.



  1. Junction- A point where two or more things are joined.


Junct= join

  1. Animadversion- Criticism or censure.


Anim= Life , ad= vers= to turn , ion= action

  1. Improbity= Wickedness or dishonesty


Im= not, prob (probus)= good, honest , ity= more at

  1. Accretions- The process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter.


Ac= to, toward , cret=to grow ion=action

  1. Sedition- Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.


Sed= apart

  1. Transient- Lasting only for a short time.


  1. Capacity- The maximum amount that something can contain.


Cap= to take, ac=toward

  1. Resolute- Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.


Re= back, gain, solute= to free

  1. Admonition- An act or action of admonishing; authoritative counsel or warning


Ad=to toward, mon=to warn, advise, it= ion= action

  1. Soliloquies- An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play.


Sol=alone    Loqu=to speak

  1. Profusion- An abundance or large quantity of something


Pro=for Fus=to pour

  1. Increment- An increase or addition, especially one of a series on a fixed scale


  1. Coherent- Of an argument, theory, or policy logical and consistent.


  1. Firmament- The heavens or the sky, especially when regarded as a tangible thing.


Firm-strong, firm, ment=mind

  1. Premonitory-no definition found


Pre=before,  Mon=warn

  1. Adjuncts- A thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part.


Ad= to toward, junct=join

  1. Ambition- A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.


Am=friend  Bi=two

  1. Complement- A thing that completes or brings to perfection


Com=with , ple=to fill

  • Perfidy- deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery.


Per=utterly, fid=trust y=having

  • Tenacity- the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly


Ten=hold, Ac= toward, near, ity=quality

  • Suffused- Gradually spread through or over.


Suf=under, below, fus=pour ed=verb in past tene

  • Expatriated- A person who lives outside their native country


Ex=out of, part=father

  • Fidelity- Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.


  • Obsequious- Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree


Ob=toward     sequ=the following       ious=having the quality of

  • Obsequies- no meaning found.


Ob= toward sequ=the following

  • Potentate- A monarch or ruler, especially an autocratic one.

Pot=power, en=cause

  • Averred- State or assert to be the case.

Av=bird err=wander


  • Vivacity- the quality of being attractively lively and animated


Viv-life ac=toward   it= go  y=having

  • Incisive- intelligently analytical and clear-thinking


In=not cis=to kill

  • Retort- Say something in answer to a remark or accusation, typically in a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive manner.
  • Plenary- Unqualified; absolute

Ple=to fill ary=pertaining to


  • Confederacy- A league or alliance, especially of confederate states.

Con=with, together, feder=trust , ac=toward


  • Sanctimonious- Making a show of being morally superior to other people.


Sanct= sanctuary  Mon=warn

  • Acrimony- Bitterness or ill feeling.


Acri=bitter, Mon-warn, y=having

  • Matricide- The killing of one’s mother


Matr- mother, cide=to kill

  • Patrimony- Property inherited from one’s father or male ancestor


Patri=father mon=remind, y=start

  • Veracity- Conformity to facts; accuracy.

Vers=to turn, ac=toward ity=state or quality

  • Retentive- having the ability to remember facts and impressions easily.


Re=again, tent=reach, ive= having the quality of

. The word “fire” and the “cold”

Fire literal meaning is combustion or burning, in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke. But, it can also be used in the other territories such I have “fired” and employee.

Cold, its litteral meaning of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body. But, it can also be used as I have developed a “cold” or you have a “cold” heart.

The word “kill” and “float”.

I “killed” that exam meaning I did very well on that exam.

it “floats” my boat meaning it soothes my soul.

The word “thin” and the “large”.

Thin once had the meaning of someone healthy and attraction now it is more likey to mean someone unhealthy and without attractive curves. Large had once been an adjective to building, things etc. now it is an adjective for people who are overweight.

The word “love” the word stays the same but the meaning changes. If I say, “love is good,” you’ll probably agree with me but if you realize what I meant that “prostitution should be legal” you agreement may change.

The word “spoon” is concert because if you ask what a “spoon” is I can pick it up and show you oppose to “love” I can’t show you what that means and it tends to change in circumstances.