Blog Assignment.

In our generation, technology has changed our language development explained by David Crystal. It had created new spellings, pattern, and dialog between people, for example take a look at the creation of sports commentary , chat rooms etc. Internet has made language more diverse, in that we have a large scale of internet writing styles and each opens and produces a new version of writing style this includes the World Wide Web, emails, chat rooms, virtual worlds, social networks and let us not forget about blogging.

Text/chat room typing is one of our internets misuses of language that has given a bad impact to English. Text is said to be responsible for the decline and fall of grammar in our generation. According to John McWorter text is not writing at all, speech has been around for approximately 80,000 years and writing in itself came about much longer. McWorter gave a simplified example for his audience that if speech existed for 24 hours then writing came about at 11:07.

Writing is a conscious process it allows you to return and edit your errors as oppose to speech and text which is fast and is irreversible when a mistake is made. Text is loose, when we text, majority of people tend to forget about using the right words, proper capitalization and the most commonly used one which is the use of proper spelling. For goodness sake we created our own “text lingo” words such as “lol” or “yo”. Text has changed the way humans communicate and interact with each other whether it is writing or speaking text has made its altercations in the English language.

Attached below is a worth checking out.

McWhorter, John. Txting is killing language.jk!!!!!,Ted2013. Retrieved from.


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