Blog Assignment.

Things that attract (to draw,to drag,to pull) In our world of BEAUTIFUL (pleasing the senses ) things and LOVELY (desirable) people. We YEARN (strong desire) for ATTENTION (to take from) and often times flaunt our fabulous-ness in the clothes we wear when we make an ENTRANCE (to captivate a way into a pale). Humans tend to DRAG (to pull) and DRAW (to pull) the ATTENTION (to take from) of others when we exert certain characteristics so we ENGAGE (to agree to catch) in activities and events that ENTICE (to allure) the ones we would CRAVE(desire intensely) ATTENTION (to take from) from It is always INTRIGUING(to absorb) to see the LUST (passionate craving) between the two parties. Women especially INDUCE the opposite sex with provocative clothing and not surprisingly men fall into this TRAP (device use to catch) and inseparable like magnet to steel.
This LUST become CAPTIVATING (to attract) for both people and it becomes a FASCINATING (to allure in an appealing way) INTEREST (holding the attention of) between men and woman. This type of ENTICEMENT (to allure) leads to LOVE (very strong attachment) and then a BRING TOGETHER (to gather and join) in MARRIAGE (joining of two people).
On the other hand there are other attractions that are APPEALING (attractive sense) to the eyes Like food, colors and bright shiny things. The eyes are the window to the soul they are the first to GRAVITATE (pulling force) to the good things that stimulate our senses. With food, if the eyes finds it PLEASING (a delight engagement) then it sets off our taste buds and we CATCH (to trap) the URGE (to force along) to CRAVE (to want eagerly) what we see.
When it comes to attraction whether it is romance, food or bright and shiny things this words have all played a contributing factor to the definition of ATTRACT.
“Bring Together”


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