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For this blog post assignment I was away on duty at Fort Indiantown Gap (FIG) in Pennsylvania so I decided to capture pictures in the process to share with you. Under the circumstances, I was not allowed to take as many photos as I would like for two reasons, either I was not allowed to take the photo or the photos worth taking did not have words on them.


This is a picture of a propane tank used to fuel up a 50 cal weapon.On this tank I  found a couple relevant words. Support: (Sub=under, port= to carry) meaning to hold up bearing or carrying all of the weight.


This picture is another component to functioning of the 50 cal. It is a little unclear to see but the word cartridge is printed in yellow. Cartridge (Tri= three).


This restriction sign was an area in the training site that did not permit training in that area because of scientific research purposes. the words “Scientific, Restricted” stood out. Sci-, to know ent-, pertaining to, fic-, to do or make.

Re-, back Strict-, to pull or draw.

IMG_4856 IMG_4855

This weapon is the actual 50 cal it is being held by a three iron pipes at the bottom, it is quite heavy approximate weighing 150 pounds with all its counter parts. I found the words “Property” and “Fort” written on the visible yellow label. (Property= pro-for, Fort= fort-strong).


This is a picture of the box that held the 50 cal weapon and all its counter parts together. The word “property” and “fort”. (Pro=forward, for Fort=strong).


Here you will find a tag that labeled the wires to the 50 cal. The word “trigger” can be located written in black. (tri= three).


This is a mask issued for all soldiers to wear during the paint ball force on force event. The word “Tippmann” is written in white the base “man= hand, make” putting this together I believe the word “Tippmann” is the name of the manufacture who hand made this product.


This picture was taken inside of a black hawk. This particular bird was a 15 seat passenger, this seat is located in rear on the left side next to the window. The word “Equipment” is located in the visible sentence written in orange. (Equi= the latin base meaning equal)


This picture shows the left side of the bird. The words “United States Army” are written on the side. Despite being a great picture that was taken at a hasty speed the “Uni” in United means one as in, we are united together as one.


On the right side of the hawk the words “Access Cover Magnetometer” are written in black. I was told that this is the tool that the plan uses to measure its strength, distance and direction. (Access= Ac-, toward , Cess-to go, to move) (Magnetometer= Magn-, great, Meter-, measure)


Hydration is a always a concerning factor in our training environment. To lower the risk of dehydration we carry 5 gallon water jugs to each and every training sites. The “property” is located on the container.

(pro-, for)


And of course lets not forget about the luxurious gourmet meals in a bag. This is a called a Meal Ready Eat (MRE). Each meal contains about 4000 calories, packed with carbs and energy for sustenance through out the day. On a normal training day, without hot meals, one soldier eats approximately three MRE’s each day.The word that become relevant is “individual”. (Individual= in-,not di-,two vid-,see) Individual meaning not of two but single.


This is a poster I found outside of our campus on the south-side entrance. The word university is consisted of “uni-, one, vers-,to turn or change”. Which makes sense when you combine the etymological meanings together, you go to a university as an individual with  an open mind to change an accept other cultures and way of life, in the end you combine together as a whole.


While standing at the pedestrian cross road I snapped a picture of the crossing sign. There are a few words in this sign that are relevant to our class assignment. The words “finish” and “vechile”.

Fin-,to end,  Vech-, to carry


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