Quiz post


The picture of the convenience store reminds me of a store that is located on the strip near our school by chipotle…rings a bell? The picture of the home improvements and the bus stop reminds me of walking in the Bronx, Ny. There are other words in the bus stop post that could have been used to for example, Con/strut/tion= Con-, with  strut-,build.


The idea of placing your pictures in a “bubbly” fashion made it more enticing for readers to follow and read your post. One tip that I would say, is that, your pictures are great but next time you can talk about them a little more before giving the definition of the word you have chosen. For example, where you took the picture from?


Thank you for the in depth explanation on your photos. Although you were confined to use the campus area for your photos you told a short story for each picture which kept it interesting. Your utilization of the key board was amazing we never seem to pay attention to the obvious things that we use around us every day, now I can’t stop looking at my keyboard and thinking morphemes stuff…haha.   Some of the photos, however, had other words that you could have highlighted and give there morphemes.


I enjoyed reading your post and short stories were intriguing. You are one of the few people who dated and timed when you took your pictures. You also explained briefly the significance of your pictures which made it easier for readers to relate to the post. I also found some comedy in your post, P.S. abide by the rules of the parking lot next time haha.


Your posts attract me to read because of the story you told about the gym through your pictures, and, the gym is one of my favorite places to be…well, sometimes haha. I find it interesting that as much time as I spend in the gym a never actually took the time out to look at the morphemes that a plastered all over, well because of your post I now do! Many of the pictures contained so many morphemes that could have been broken down and highlighted. But, it was great reading the things I never actually read while in the gym.


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