Children are told that they should think of themselves as individuals rather than what people say or preserve them to be. It is as if things do carry the same value or have the same meaning as it was initially taught. Students or children in particular are told that the only right way of living is going to school, attending college and never stop climbing the ladder of knowledge to success. Just the same athletes are trained to be strong, bring a ton of team spirit, be a team player and on game day selfishness is the key.

This superficial way of living has absorbed the real value of life especially for this generation. People are losing their souls and have reduced the value of life. We live our lives based on package, a package that comes with a manual and a   guide in which we should follow and in order classified as contributing or successful member of society. And so, students over the years create this self-package that they add to every day while in school and daily life in result of being shipped and accepted by receiver, in that I mean finding a job at the end of it all.


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