Second Blog Post Assignmnet.

According to oxford dictionary, a prefix is an element placed at the beginning of a word to adjust or qualify its meaning. The prefix “intro” is of no different. Susan Cain, a representative of the introvert society expressed her thoughts on the prefix, “intro”. She proclaims that introverts are needed in our community. Their fear of sound judgment isolates them to their own personal thinking and circle, and, thus, this is where they make the difference in reading and educating themselves on things an extravert is too bus for. Going off into their own worlds allows them to the freedom to create the uncreated. A prime example mentioned by Susan is that of Dr. Seuss who wrote alone, and was afraid of meeting the kids who read his stories. How ironic!?

Who are introverts? Intro- meaning into, within, inwards. Vert- meaning to turn or change. Someone who has a personality that is closed and inwardly.

Introverts are shy reticent people who are surprisingly the people’s people. They prefer small crowds and prefer to take people in small doses. They stay in close nit groups that they are very familiar with. Without a doubt they will hang out with friends at bars and social places but they usually are the ones to sit and listen to everyone else. Their shyness is usually derived from a negative source from youth. They are the book readers and are mainly concern about their inner world which consists of them. Ironically, they can become very lonely in a crowded room compared to being by themselves in a room.

Who are extraverts? Extra- outside of, beyond. Vert- Meaning to turn or change. Someone who has personalities that are turned outwardly.

They are very much the people’s entertainer. They love people and huge crowds. They are full of energy and many times bring the party with them. Their definition of a relax night does not include a bottle of wine or snugged under a blanket watching a movie or two. A relax night for an extravert may include friends and 6 packs, playing music, eating popcorn and mimicking something like a super bowl night. They are the life of the party and most definitely the center stage and main attraction. They are generally good company but they need stimulation in order to be happy. The usual or the “norm” for these kinds of people can become old real fast.

Generally speaking, I think the world prefer extraverts. People are more receptive and accepting to those who shed light in dark places. People are attracted to laughter and happy places and these are the prime characteristics of an extravert.

The link below is a video I have found that aided to the topic of this post.

Attached below is a video I have found that aided to the topic of this post.


First Blog Assignment.

Hey All,

Today I will compare and contrast Shihan flashy words and Weird Al’s “word crimes” for the first Blog assignment. I must say I enjoyed listening and watching both pieces. Shihan used words with the same pronunciation but when written or said by itself had a different meaning, words such as “Realize and Real lies” or “saddest factory and satisfactory”. Within Shihan’s delivery of is words he expressed and emphasized upon prefixes and bases that are similar to those practice in our class sessions, for example  the words Gratification (Grat-ti-fi-ca-tion) and fabricated (Fab-ri-ca-ted) . Shihan uses of his oxymoron twist his message in a creative use of language. For example, “A good man is hard to find and a hard man is good find”, a blind man once told me the true meaning of love at first sight”. This type of wording style keeps the listeners engaged and puzzled on the same hand in that they would ponder on the idea of how can a blind man see true love?

Weird Al used a different approach on his delivery style, he used a popular hip hop song and remixed his thoughts strictly using words. Grammar, punctuation and the correct use of larger words was his focused and when it was the appropriate time to use words that seem to have the same definition such as “less” and “fewer” or “doing good and doing well”. He also briefly mention the use of contractions and gave an example of when it would be accepted, “Every dog has it’s day” would be an incorrect use of this conjunction. Weird Al also sends another message across that individuals should broaden their vocabulary words and express themselves without the use of emojies and expound upon words such “nomenclature, errant, incorrent, spastic”…etc.

Both Shihan flashy words and Weird Als “word crimes” told a story in which they taught a lesson to the audience. Weird Al’s points out the proper usage of words in its proper context for example “to who or to whom” a simple, but, easily misuse of context in our society today, to whom it may concern not to who it may concern. Both pieces used the art of words and language to beautifully join words  together and create a story in which the message was smoothly delivered. Just as our class sessions, the breaking down and joining of words helps to appreciate the art of language, its orgins and all their different but similar meaning.

Below you will find a link to another creative piece of writing style that you may find interesting as well. Enjoy!


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First Blog Ever!

So, here I am at Hofstra, and I am blogging. Writing online makes me feel strange for one of many reasons. I am not a social media expert in fact I am probably the only one here without a Facebook, twitter or that new thing called Instagram. Sounds really weird doesn’t it? one may ask but why aren’t you social media interactive? MMMM well…. I have never been attracted to that world and looking beyond college and fun times I think it is best to not start one when it comes to my career path. I am a huge people person and so, writing and learning the art of words will always be a an important component of my development.